12-Week Lead Generation
Digital Bootcamp

This webinar is for coaches interested in completing the 12 Week Lead Generation Bootcamp commencing Q1 – Date to be confirmed.

In the webinar, Marlon will provide a ⁠topline overview of the funnels, the strategies the coaches will implement and the outcomes that are achieved by coaches that complete the bootcamp

US Timezone

Tuesday 24 October
6pm - EDT, New York

EU Timezone

Wednesday 25 October 9am - BST, London

Marketing Strategies Explained In This Webinar

The bootcamp consists of two main marketing strategies that will be taught to each coach. Then the coach will build out each strategy during the weekly coaching calls so they leave each session with the work completed.

Facebook Ads Lead
Generation Funnel

During the bootcamp you will build a Lead Magnet funnel including a lead magnet, a pain-inducing quiz and a booking engine. You will launch the campaigns and then work with Marlon to optimise your campaign.

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Video Marketing Machine Strategy

You will learn how to record a video that gets you results and then convert that video into:

  1. Blog Post
  2. Weekly Email Campaign
  3. Facebook Retargeting Ad
  4. YouTube Video
  5. A Weeks worth of social media content

Click the image to view the whole funnel

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